About Me

Cindy Bulger – Owner and Main Photographer

I am always learning

I began this journey by shooting 35mm film, my senior year in high school.
I went to college and graduated with a BA in Fine Art and a minor in Graphic Communications from San Diego State University.

I did not just pick up a camera

After graduating I spent ten years as an art director; working in both publication production and design. I designed and directed
photo shoots,then began shooting the products myself.
Later, I moved onto portrait photography.  I had to learn how to light without daylight.  Shooting high school senior portraits and other high school events taught me how to light faces correctly and to shoot fast.

   I am a wedding photographer

Weddings are magical. Weddings combine all elements of what I love to shoot.  The details, the portrait, the Bride and Groom!
Every love is different, every wedding is unique.

To be able to capture those moments and share them is what I’m all about. With every wedding I try to tell a story.
One of the greatest things about being a photographer is the opportunity to witness the world through your lens. Being able to share it is even better.